Dim Sum Restaurants in Miami

Dim Sum Restaurants in Miami

The dim sum experience is one to truly “touch the heart”. These bite-sized dumplings make for a wonderful lunch or dinner solo or with friends. The dim sum platter at Hakkasan Miami Beach cleverly combines flavors of har gau, scallop shui mai and pumpkin dumpling. Tanuki Miami’s special dim sum platter features ten pieces of five different kinds of dim sum for $36. Hutong is a sophisticated Chinese restaurant in the Brickell area offering top notch dim sum.

Boy Choy‘s dim sum feast is also served during Novikov social hours for $8. Da Tang Zhen Wei’s dim sum is served in portions with threes or fours, ranging from $10 to $14. Zitz Sum features a daily list of options that is a unique fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian cuisines. It also has some South American and Italian ingredients thrown into the mix. Tropical Chinese features reliable all-day dim sum offerings for dine-in and takeout.

Gluten-free varieties are also on the menu – like the taro shrimp patty or the scallop dumpling. Coconut Grove spot Minty Z is luring (vegan and not) customers with its plant-based offerings.

Shu mai is a type of steamed Chinese dumpling that is typically made with pork, shrimp, and other ingredients. Har gow is another type of steamed Chinese dumpling, but it is typically made with shrimp and other ingredients.

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