Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

Wouldn’t it really be a shame if Miami didn’t have good seafood?

Not a day goes by without visitors coming to town asking, “Where can we get good seafood in Miami?” While this city is chock-full of great sushi joints and an avalanche of Peruvian places, Thrillist wanted to find out what the best pure seafood spots were in South Florida.

From old school cash-only haunts to great raw bars and seafood worthy of date night dressing up, here are the 12 best.

There’s also tons of raw bar options and seafood in the form of sandwiches, salads, and large entrees like the Cioppino Seafood Stew served with grilled Truccione bread and French Riviera butter.

In North Miami the spot has been open for nearly two decades, though ownership has changed hands, it still remains one of the best places for insanely fresh seafood.

Garcia‘s, the family-run seafood market that’s been sitting on the Miami River since it was filled with cocaine and corpses, has been THE go-to spot to buy daily caught fish for decades.

You won’t find many of the traditional Miami staples like mahi or grouper here, but rather, a daily rotation of light, simply cooked seafood that actually justifies the eye-popping prices.

River Oyster Bar is home to some of the best locally caught seafood in the area, but now it’s being served out of their fancy new digs just up the street from the original location.

Matt Meltzer is a contributor for Thrillist.
Amber Love Bond is a contributor for Thrillist.

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