The Top Trends in Miami’s Food Scene

The Top Trends in Miami’s Food Scene

Food trends have always helped define what’s hot and what’s not, and today’s culinary crowd pleasers have Miami’s thriving restaurant scene taking notice as well. Here are some top trends Miami Today has identified as capturing the city’s heart.

Pizza Grows Up

Miamians began to seek out upscale pizzas, like those from Stanzione 87 and Editor Pizza, during the pandemic.

The Arrival Of Arepas

Miami’s arepas are a savory corncake served instead of bread in almost all of Venezuela’s meals. They are available at many restaurants and can be dressed up with various ingredients. Miami’s chefs often offer a new twist on the traditional arepas.

Ode To Octopus

In South Florida, grilled octopus is the seafood appetizer darling. It can be found at upscale restaurants like Fiola, Leku and Orno.

Modern Israeli food

Modern Israeli food, like shakshuka, hummus, salad, and grilled fish, has taken Miami by storm. It’s a food best enjoyed scooped with pieces of warm pita and shared on Instagram.

Big Name Transplants

The world is catching on to how great it is to live in Miami, and big-name restaurant transplants like Carbone, Cote, and Dirty French Steakhouse are opening new digs in Miami/


Omakase, or chef-chosen sushi, is a popular trend in Miami, where diners embrace the ease of ordering from a trained sushi chef and the pomp and circumstance that accompanies the traditionally high price tag. shortage of spots to partake in this trendy multi-course experience.

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