The Ten Best Sandwich Shops in Miami

The Ten Best Sandwich Shops in Miami

From our days of school lunch to our at-home office breaks, the sandwich remains the go-to meal that transcends culture, from Cuba’s medianoche to Vietnam’s bánh mì.

At its core, a sandwich consists of two slices of bread and a filling in between. But while it seems simple, the sheer number of possibilities is truly endless.

Taking the world’s favorite handheld snack from good to great involves the perfect balance of flavors and textures — and the right bread to make the ingredients shine. Sure, a homemade PB&J sometimes hits the spot, but try a stacked-bread behemoth from any one of these spots pushing the envelope of sandwich construction and your life will be forever changed.

Airport Cafe & Liquors

4427 NW 36th St., Miami Springs

At Airport Cafe & Liquors, former Food Network Star contestant Reuben Ruiz promotes the daily and weekly specials via his personal Instagram account with videos and photos of his newest massive creation, inspiring instant hunger. Some creations have become so popular, they’ve made it onto the café’s regular menu — from the croqueta ham-and-cheese sandwich to the avocado, shrimp, and pesto crunch wrap, the cheddar Buffalo fried-chicken sammie with garlic Parmesan bacon, and the chorizo Philly cheesesteak.

Babe’s Meat & Counter

9216 SW 156th St., Miami

What began as a side hustle at farmers’ markets became a full-fledged business for Melanie and Jason Schoendorfer in 2018 when the duo opened Babe’s Meat & Counter in Palmetto Bay, expanding the menu with a curated selection of high-end specialty meats. Today, a butcher counter doubles as a breakfast and lunch spot that offers charcuterie, sausages, and sandwiches built around premium cuts. Babe’s is one of the only places in Miami that offers Montreal smoked meat, the Canadian take on Jewish deli pastrami, here served on rye bread with mustard. Also worth the trip: the Cuban with house-roasted pork, and the báhn mì, made with your choice of house-smoked pork or duck bacon.

Proper Sausages

9722 NE Second Ave., Miami Shores

Freddy and Danielle Kaufmann’s quaint Miami Shores butcher shop, Proper Sausages, has been the go-to spot for artisanal sausages and responsibly sourced meat since it opened in 2013. The shop also offers an exceptional grab-and-go sandwich menu made with the same antibiotic- and hormone-free, grass-fed, organic meats and poultry it sells. About a dozen sandwiches are on offer, along with a daily special and burger of the week, all listed on a chalkboard menu. Served on Portuguese muffins, they include the sausage, egg, and cheese, as well as a pulled pork made with dry-rubbed and roasted pork shoulder and slaw. The “Cubanish” and “Reubenish” take both traditional sandwiches up several notches with roasted Berkshire pork shoulder, Wagyu corned beef, homemade pickles and sauerkraut.