The 17 Best Sushi Restaurants In Miami – Miami

The 17 Best Sushi Restaurants In Miami – Miami

This guide features various sushi restaurants in Miami that offer different dining experiences, from casual spots to expensive omakase restaurants. Despite the varying price points (!) and dining atmospheres, each restaurant delivers excellent sushi and an unforgettable experience.

Sushi Erika – a Miami classic operated by chef/owner Erika Kushi, offering ultra-fresh sashimi, nigiri, and the Marie roll with spicy tuna, shiso, and roasted garlic.

Sushi Yasu Tanaka – a shiny, casual food hall in the Design District that surprises diners with some of the best sushi in Miami.

B-Side – a sushi spot run by the team from Itamae, located in Wynwood’s 1-800-Lucky food hall, offering excellent rolls, sashimi bowls, ceviche, and more.

Itamae – a Design District Nikkei spot that serves nigiri creatively prepared with a daily-changing menu.

Sushi By Scratch – a $165 omakase restaurant that serves a 17-course meal featuring non-traditional Japanese sushi, such as nigiri topped with little slices of pineapple, melted bone marrow, and beet mustard sauce.

Hiden – an omakase restaurant that offers an 18-course meal at $200 per person, accessed through a secret code punched into a door in the back of The Taco Stand.

Katana – a small sushi boat restaurant that serves really good sushi at decent prices starting at $2.50 per plate.

Uchi – a special occasion restaurant that makes some of the best sushi in Miami, offering “market price” omakase options and excellent dishes such as spicy hama chili and unagi.

Matsuri – a Bird Road spot that offers excellent and consistently delicious sushi at affordable prices such as the masa special for two, a platter of over 30 pieces of the day’s best sashimi, nigiri, and maki for $44.

Mr. Omakase – a Downtown restaurant that offers both the 10 and 14-course options for less than $100 per person, walking the perfect line between formal and informal dining.

Wabi Sabi – an Upper East Side restaurant that serves great donburi bowls and expanded to offer excellent maki, nigiri, and sashimi, along with omakase options such as the $100 nigiri omakase.

Midorie – a Coconut Grove sushi spot by the Wabi Sabi team that serves high-quality sushi, including the $50 chirashi omakase, at affordable prices.

Hiyakawa – a Wynwood sushi spot that serves excellent tempura, sugata-mori appetizer, and sushi at premium prices, such as the $220 per person omakase.

Omakai – a casual Wynwood restaurant that offers a few different omakase options ranging from $26 for six courses to $84 for over ten courses.

Ahi Sushi – a Calle Ocho sushi counter run by the Lung Yai team that seats six to eight people, offering excellent maki, nigiri, and sashimi, as well as a $130 omakase.

Blue Ribbon – a South Beach sushi spot inside a cute hotel that offers great sushi platters and fried chicken, as well as a $240 sushi platter that serves two to four people.

Azabu – a fancy sushi restaurant inside The Stanton hotel that offers delicious thinly-sliced sliced hamachi jalapeño, nigiri platter, and a $150-220 per person omakase in a cozy and dim dining space, with indoor and outdoor seating, and a private dining room called The Den.

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