Planta Queen is 100% vegan without tasting like it

Planta Queen is 100% vegan without tasting like it

Vegan lovers listen up: All of the food at this restaurant in Miami-Dade County is plant-based and even the drinks have veggies, but you won’t know when you taste them.

Planta has four locations in Florida, including the second-floor CocoWalk haven in Coconut Grove and the fun locations in Fort Lauderdale’s Las Olas and South Beach.

Nicole Rotondaro, the executive restaurant leader said the menu offers a really unique experience.

“We don’t have any animal byproducts in anything on the menu,” Rotondaro said.

Many of the regulars are not even vegan or vegetarians because the tasty food is just so good and the lush tropical décor brings the outside in.

“Every time I visit a table, the connection with the guest is ‘I can’t believe there is no protein or anything in this!’ because what we’re able to do holistically with our produce daily is make these great dishes,” Rotondaro said.

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