Strawberry Strip Cake (Serves 10)



This Strawberry Strip cake is a modern version of the French cake Fraisier,  which is a variation of a strawberry shortcake. A fraisier is a delicious cake that can be served at any occasion in the summertime.
A fraisier is made of a yeast dough that is shaped into a rectangle, covered with an egg wash, and topped with butter. The dough is then cut into three strips and stacked, with the top strip being cut in a zigzag shape. The dough is then folded over the butter and the dough is shaped to form a round cake. The cake is then baked and cooled. Once cooled, it is topped with whipped cream and strawberries.
The fraisier french cake can be a delicious dessert to make for family or friends. It is a variation of a strawberry shortcake that is made with dough rather than biscuit.
The French fraisier is a dessert that is made of a light sponge cake layered with strawberries and cream, and then topped with more cream, cake crumbs, and more strawberries. It’s a very light and delicious dessert that can be served at any of your summer parties or for a more formal occasion.
The ingredients for a French fraisier are a sponge cake, vanilla custard cream, strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, confectioner sugar, and whipped cream. The sponge cake is baked in a round cake pan and then cooled. The custard cream is made by cooking sugar and egg yolk together over low heat until it thickens. It’s then cooled slightly before being mixed with the whipped cream and vanilla extract. The strawberry jam is mixed into the custard cream to create the strawberry filling. The whole cake is then iced in whipped cream and decorated with more whipped cream and strawberries.
This cake comes in a long 16.7 inches strip to be cut in 10 slices.


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