Sous Vide Seared Chicken & Mac Potluck Package ~ 9 Servings




Whether served warm or at room temperature for a picnic or potluck, these delicious choices will simplify your summer.  

Seared Grilled Chicken Breast: It’s easy to achieve the perfect cooked temperature, flavor, and texture with our prepared chicken breasts. Before slow-cooking sous vide, we lightly season each breast with savory spices and grill to achieve appealing grill marks and a light smoky flavor. Eight 5oz. breasts (serves 8). 
Garlic Confit & Polenta Cake: With a crispy outer layer covering creamy, cheesy grits inside, our Garlic Confit Polenta Cakes taste like a guilty pleasure, but are loaded with protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. Plus, they’re gluten-free. One pouch (serves 9). 
Cavatappi and Cheese: Comfort food at its best, our mac n’ cheese features a creamy and luscious blend of cheeses (white cheddar, cream cheese, Parmesan, Fontina, Monterey Jack, and Gruyere) with a touch of Dijon mustard and cracked black pepper.

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While limited supplies remain. Offer expires 12am (PST) 9/30/21.


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