Sous Vide Poached Octopus ~ 3-4 Servings (2 lb. Pouch)




Our perfectly cooked gourmet octopus makes everything from appetizers, salads, and entrees easy and special. Tender and versatile, this flavorful protein can be reheated quickly in a skillet, deep fryer, grill, or water bath. Try it grilled whole over an open flame or breaded and fried for a crisp exterior and melt-in-your-mouth interior. Serve with squid-ink pasta or slice thinly with oil, lemon juice, and capers for an elegant first course. The world is your… octopus!
The sous vide method ensures the ultimate in flavor, texture, and nutrition. Because everything is cooked in a vacuum-sealed pouch, no nutrients or flavor can escape. 
Cuisine Solutions began by teaching Michelin-starred chefs and supplying food for the world’s top restaurants. Now we’re offering our products directly to you at home. From our kitchen to yours: bon appetit! 

Made in the USA.
Packed with the highest safety standards: cooked sealed, then pasteurized, flash-frozen, and shipped to you on dry ice. 
Each order contains detailed reheating instructions and nutritional information.

Made without ingredients containing gluten. This product is processed in a facility that carries gluten and wheat ingredients and has strict procedures against cross-contamination.  
One ~2 lb. Pouch | Serves 3-4


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