Rosette de Lyon



This rich, flavorful French Rosette de Lyon has an excellent balance of seasoning and flavor. The pork meat is blended with fresh garlic, sea salt, and black peppercorn in an all natural beef casing, cured 30 days, and then hand-tied.

Size: 10-11 oz
French recipe
Keep refrigerated

Our Rosette de Lyon has been named 2022 GOOD FOOD AWARDS FINALIST.The Good Food Awards celebrate the contributions of American craft food producers in creating a tasty, authentic and responsible food system.

Serving Tips: Tote some along on your picnic, slice one up as a fancy snack, or use it as part of an antipasto platter.

Bread Pairings: Traditional French Baguette.

Wine Pairings: Beaujolais, Brouilly, St-Emilion.


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