Fire Roasted Red Pepper Sauce ~ 13 Servings (30 oz. Pouch)



Mildly spicy and bursting with flavor, our chefs prepare this sauce by flame-roasting red and yellow bell peppers and cooking them sous vide with tomatoes, herbs, and spices. Served hot or at room temperature, this versatile vegan sauce can be enjoyed over pasta, and can serve as a base for dips. 
Since pioneering the sous vide method in France in 1971, the master chefs at Cuisine Solutions have been committed to perfecting classic culinary dishes using modern cooking techniques. We do all the work—all you have to do is reheat and serve. 

Made in the USA.
Packed with the highest safety standards: cooked sealed, then pasteurized, flash-frozen, and shipped to you on dry ice. 
Each order contains detailed reheating instructions and nutritional information.

Low Calories | 0g Trans Fat Per Serving | 0g Saturated Fat Per Serving | No Cholesterol | Vegan | Good Source of Vitamin A. Made without ingredients containing gluten. This product is processed in a facility that carries gluten and wheat ingredients and has strict procedures against cross-contamination.


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