Fire Roasted Red Pepper, Asian BBQ, & Lemon Herb Sauce Collection



For the first time, we’ve taken our three most popular sauces and added them into one great offering. Stock up on these unique and robust flavor-enhancing sauces today. 
Fire Roasted Red Pepper Sauce – Mildly spicy and bursting with flavor, our chefs prepare this sauce by flame-roasting red and yellow bell peppers and cooking them sous vide with tomatoes, herbs, and spices. Served hot or at room temperature, this versatile vegan sauce can be enjoyed over pasta and can serve as a base for dips. 
Asian BBQ Sauce – Our popular and versatile sauce is an addictive blend made with hoisin, soy, black bean garlic sauce, and other Asian seasonings. Try it with our Berkshire Pork Belly, shredded pork, stir fry dishes, and anything else you want to taste delicious!
Lemon Herb Sauce – When you’re hoping to add extra oomph to your dinner routine, a versatile sauce adds elegance and depth of flavor to a dish. For our lemon herb sauce, we’ve combined cream, white wine, lemon juice, and chives for an elegant, savory finish. An ideal accompaniment for grilled salmon, chicken breast, or fresh vegetables.


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