Chicken Apple Pâté



Creamy chicken livers, Organic Apple, and marinated in Organic Apple Cider.

Size: 7 oz
All Natural: no artificial ingredients, minimally processed
Fully Cooked
Keep refrigerated

Serving Tips: Chicken Apple Pâté can be served in or out of the terrine, on a cutting board with saucisson sec, cured meats like Spanish-style chorizo and saucisson de canard. Add some cornichons for a crunchy addition!

How to present your pâté?

  1. Unstick pâté from terrine by pulling on the two sides.
  2. Flip terrine upside down and press the top down while keeping pulling out on the sides.

Bread Pairings: Traditional French Baguette.

Wine Pairings: Merlot, Tawny Port wine, Gewurztraminer, Madeira.


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