Caviar Amur Ossetra (Russia)



Caviar Amur Ossetra, also known as Russian Ossetra caviar, is a type of caviar produced from the eggs of the Ossetra sturgeon, which is native to the Amur River in Russia. This caviar is prized for its unique flavor and texture, which is described as nutty, buttery, and creamy.

The eggs of the Ossetra sturgeon are larger than those of other sturgeon species, and range in color from light to dark brown. Caviar Amur Ossetra is often considered to be the finest type of caviar available, and is often served at luxury events and high-end restaurants.

Caviar Amur Ossetra is traditionally harvested and processed using traditional Russian methods, which involve gently pressing the sturgeon eggs to extract the caviar without damaging the delicate roe. This careful processing results in a caviar that is highly sought after for its exceptional quality and flavor.


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