Black Truffle Peelings, 7oz Tin



A truffle is the fruit of a fungus, and it is quite expensive.
An oak or hazel tree, for example, serves as a host for its growth and development, which takes place between 1 and 20 cm below the surface.

The truffle and the tree, which are linked by small filaments that resemble a spider’s web (mycorrhiza), collaborate to produce sugars and mineral salts in the soil. The truffle provides mineral salts that are released into the soil, and the tree provides sugars that are manufactured through photosynthesis by the tree.

Its blooming remains a mystery, despite the fact that, because to scientific studies and the expertise gained by truffle producers, we now know a little bit more about it and some of its secrets are slowly becoming known.

These are shaved black summer truffles and black truffle slices of the highest grade.

Stocks, sauces, stuffing, and other dishes can all be made using this product.


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